Installation Instructions

Easily install your GateBuddy in minutes

3 Easy Steps

Swing Gate Open

Swing open your gate to the desired position and mark the position

Position GateBuddy

a) For Wooden Gates: Locate sturdy point at lower rail or side edge of gate frame to attach metal plate. Screw in metal plate with screw provided. b) For Metal Gates: No metal plate is needed; continue to next step

Hammer in GateBuddy

a) Locate the point in ground to install GateBuddy. Position magnet to face metal plate and position stake point towards ground. b) Hammer GateBuddy into ground until magnet aligns with metal plate.


Key Information:

Follow your local fencing requirement by-laws. Locate all in-ground utilities, such as gas and electrical, before installation. Use GateBuddy as a temporary holding device only. Never leave a potentially dangerous area, such as a pool, open without appropriate supervision.