Holds Your Gate




GateBuddy™ is a magnetic gate holder that installs effortlessly in the ground.


It keeps gates open, securely and temporarily, with one simple motion.



GateBuddy Hold Your Gate Open

Hands Free Access

Allows unimpeded, hands-free access through your gate when moving yard equipment, leaves, brush, debris, etc.

Banish the Brick!

Eliminates need for makeshift props, like bricks, logs, or bungee cords that can get underfoot and are easily dislodged.

GateBuddy, Hold Your Gate Open

Powerful Magnet

Powerful rare earth magnet and strong metal plate ensure secure hold AND easy release.

GateBuddy Hold Your Gate Open

All Gate Types

Made with resilient, weather-proof, recycled materials that works with all gate types (i.e. iron, wood).

Protect Your Gate

GateBuddy protects your expensive gate from dents, chips and scratches caused by makeshift solutions.

Elegant and Safe

Cords and bricks can pose a safety/tripping hazard. Always make sure to check underground before installing GateBuddy.

"GateBuddy’s beautiful design blends perfectly with our fence! I no longer need to use an ugly brick."
Kyle V.
Oakville, ON
"Great product! I had it installed and working in 30 seconds. Can't believe no one thought of this before."
Tim M.
Toronto, ON
"Love my GateBuddy! I bring my mower back and forth between the front and back yards with ease."
Tom S.
Mississauga, ON

Install in 3 Easy Steps

Swing Gate Open

Swing open your gate to the desired position and mark the position.

Position GateBuddy

Locate sturdy point at lower rail or side edge of gate frame to screw in metal plate (if required)

Hammer in GateBuddy

Locate the point in ground to install and position magnet to face metal plate. Hammer GateBuddy into ground until magnet aligns with metal plate

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