GateBuddy Spike

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What is GateBuddy?

GateBuddy is a magnetic gate holder that installs effortlessly in the ground. It keeps gates open, securely and temporarily, with one simple motion.

Why choose GateBuddy?

  • Allows unimpeded, hands-free access through your gate when moving yard equipment, food trays, leaves, brush, debris, etc.
  • Eliminates the need for makeshift props, like bricks, logs, or bungee cords that can get underfoot, are easily dislodged or are finicky to maneuver.
  • Powerful rare earth magnet and strong metal plate ensure secure hold AND easy release.
  • Made with resilient, weather-proof, recycled materials.
  • Works with all gate materials.
  • Easy to install. Easy to reposition. Infinitely reusable.
  • Affordable, attractive, effective, and efficient.


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GateBuddy is almost as easy to install as it is to use!
  • Swing your gate or door to open position.
  • Locate sturdy point at lower rail or side edge of gate or door to screw in metal plate.
  • Position magnet to face metal plate and position stake point towards ground. Hammer GateBuddy into ground until magnet aligns with metal plate.
  • Detailed installation instructions on package.
Watch the video and see for yourself!

3 reviews for GateBuddy Spike

  1. Michael Laws

    This is an amazing product! It’s a product you never knew you needed until you see it! Love it.

  2. Alice

    Super handy & smart little garden help, which you can truly call your new buddy! Get yours and you will know what I’m talking about 😉

  3. Chabuddy

    Great product, competitive price, and their customer service is incredible. What more can you ask for!

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